Warehousing / Leasing

Warehousing is fundamental to the success of any physical goods business and an important link in the logistics industry.

In 1980’s Aladdin felt a growing need among its container transport customers for temporary storage of cargoes and it fulfilled that gap by introducing 3 x 5,000 sq. ft. warehouses and over the years we have increased our portfolio to 45 warehouses of different sizes.

Located at the heart of industrial zone in Ras Al Khor, we are surrounded by free zones like DUCAMZ, Textile City and Dragon Mart which aides our warehouse customer in quick procurement and delivery. Spread over an area of 1.85 million sq. ft. we offer a combined total dry storage space of 125,000 sq. ft. and 2,500 sq. ft of cool store space, our offering is an ideal storage solutions for freight forwarders, general trader and import / export business houses.


To complement our range of warehousing services and to ensure our customers get the best of 3PL services, we offer various cargo handling facilities which enable our customers concentrate on expanding their business while we take care of all their daily logistics needs.

Our team of industry experts backed by years of experience provide customers with a professional touch in handling and moving their cargoes. We provide a wide variety of manpower viz. warehouse supervisors, assistants, tally clerks, labor and forklift operators to clients on short term and long term usage.

Container Solutions

Aladdin offers state-of-the-art container depot to cater to various segments of our industry. Among our range of services we offer the following

Our extensive yard offers a storage capacity of 5,000 TEUS on site with stacking facility up to 4 tiers. Our professional handling equipment includes Top Loader, Reach Stacker and side loader which helps us provide services like storing, loading & offloading of containers for customers 24/7 all around the year. In a market that is growing globally, your containers must meet all requirements for safety, stability and usability. We offer a full range of services to the container industry from new construction certification for all ISO and offshore container types to the approval of modifications and in-service inspection. Aladdin employs trained and experienced IICL inspectors who can survey your containers, advise repairs and along with trained technicians provide sea-worthy containers. Our trained Reefer technicians can also carry out PTI (Pre-Trip Inspections) on Reefer containers.

Container Solutions


The world is working towards recyclable, reusable and energy efficient planet. We need to conserve our resources and salvage earth for our future generations.

Shipping container are originally built to be strong, robust, secure, affordable and sustainable over a long period of time. They are produced on a mass scale for movement of goods internationally. They have already found their use as a storage solution in remote areas and where space is a constraint.

Converted containers are ideal for mobility, safety & reliability during long periods of usage. Conversions also lead to reduced construction time, cost and time savings and helps to reduce carbon footprint. We produce converted containers that are suited to be used in any environment.

With a team of industry experts and trained technicians employed to maintain & repair all kinds of containers, we are able to undertake all kinds of Container Modifications, Container Fabrication, Container Conversion and Structural Fabrication works.