Container Solutions

Aladdin offers state-of-the-art container depot to cater to various segments of our industry. Among our range of services we offer the following

Container Storage

Our extensive yard offers a storage capacity of 5,000 TEUS on site with stacking facility up to 4 tiers. Our professional handling equipment includes Top Loader, Reach Stacker and side loader which helps us provide services like storing, loading & offloading of containers for customers 24/7 all around the year. Aladdin performs all functions by using a fully Computerized Equipment Control System providing container and truck movements tracking with customer friendly reports.

Container Inspections

In a market that is growing globally, your containers must meet all requirements for safety, stability and usability. We offer a full range of services to the container industry from new construction certification for all ISO and offshore container types to the approval of modifications and in-service inspection. Aladdin employs trained and experienced IICL inspectors who can survey your containers, advise repairs and along with trained technicians provide sea-worthy containers. Our trained Reefer technicians can also carry out PTI (Pre-Trip Inspections) on Reefer containers.

Container Repairs

To ensure your containers are sea-worthy in every aspect, we offer container repairs of the highest quality. Our experienced technicians are proficient in carrying out any work right from the smallest patch or corner post to complete side, floor and roof repairs or new door and lock assembly.

Our inventory includes complete floor boards based on shipping specifications to corner posts, locks and panels. We ensure our entire range of parts and repairs meet the industry standard.

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Container Cleaning

Container Cleaning

Among our range of services we offer Cleaning services for both Containers and Equipment which include but are not limited to

  • Water Wash
  • Chemical Wash
  • Steam Clean Wash
  • Manual Clean

We can also conduct any special cleaning based on client’s requirement and in line with IICL standards.

Our container services also include washing and cleaning of containers. We handle all kinds of cleaning, such as water wash, steam clean, chemical clean, manual clean and any special cleaning, on containers and other equipment as required by our clients.

Trading of Containers & Gensets

Whether you looking at containers only for storage or to move your goods internationally we offer containers which can suit every requirement. We stock and sell all types of shipping containers at competitive prices. With several multinational corporations as our sourcing partners for over 25 years, it gives us access to quality containers for trading.

Our range of trading includes (brand new and old):

  • 20 feet, 40 feet, High Cube Containers
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • 10 feet DNV containers
  • DNV Offshore Containers
  • DNV Offshore Baskets
  • DNV Reefer Containers
  • Reefer Gensets
  • ISO Reefer Containers

Why choose Aladdin for your container trading?

  • Pre Purchase Inspection for all containers we keep in stock.
  • CSC Certification available, if required.
  • Large quantity of Sea-Worthy Containers.
  • Dry & Refrigerated container rentals available for storing at Aladdin.
  • Rental / Lease options available for Short Term and long term at customer site.
  • Container Sale Online Portal (Coming Soon)
  • Easy Processing of Online Payments Via Bank Transfer / Credit Card (coming soon)


Aladdin Container Company


Aladdin with its stock of container inventory provides leasing options both in Aladdin and at customer premises. We offer short and long-term leasing options for the following:

  • Dry containers (20’ feet, 40’ feet and High Cube)
  • Reefer containers
  • Diesel Generator Sets

We offer both Top Mounting (Clip On) and trailer mounting gensets which provide power to Reefer Containers and help maintain the required temperature for your cargo. In addition, we can assist customers with reefer setups at their locations through our trained Reefer technicians. Aladdin has been serving customers especially during events, exhibitions and special occasions.

Container Weighment

Located inside Aladdin terminal, our weigh bridge facility allows accurate weight measurement of container and cargo. This helps the customer avoid any fines in case they exceed the prescribed limit mentioned on the container.

Our weigh bridge allows us to weigh cargo up to 100 tons in capacity.

Container Solutions