Container Modular Structures

The world is working towards recyclable, reusable and energy efficient planet. We need to conserve our resources and salvage earth for our future generations.

Aladdin being an industry leader in the Container Repair field introduced its Container Modular Structure division a few years ago to produce eco-friendly solutions based on innovative concepts. In a short time, Aladdin has been recognized as a leading pre-engineered steel modular conversion specialist. With multiple projects under our belt and a strong customer commitment to use Recyclable Container Structures for their daily personal and business uses we continue to produce products suited to every client.

Shipping container are originally built to be strong, robust, secure, affordable and sustainable over a long period of time. They are produced on a mass scale for movement of goods internationally. They have already found their use as a storage solution in remote areas and where space is a constraint.

Converted containers are ideal for mobility, safety & reliability during long periods of usage. Conversions also lead to reduced construction time, cost and time savings and helps to reduce carbon footprint. We produce converted containers that are suited to be used in any environment.

With a team of industry experts and trained technicians employed to maintain & repair all kinds of containers, we are able to undertake all kinds of Container Modifications, Container Fabrication, Container Conversion and Structural Fabrication works.

Some of the industries where converted containers are already being used are:

  • Tourism
  • Housing & Farms
  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Power & Mining Sectors
  • Military & Defence
  • Hotels
  • Medical Industry

Container Converted units around the world are being used for the following purposes:

  • Accommodation Units
  • Office Units
  • Retails Shops
  • Ablution Units
  • Gaming Zones
  • Remote area control stations
  • Electrical Substations
  • Water treatment plants
  • Medical units
  • Testing laboratories for petrochemicals
  • Smoking rooms
  • Generator rooms
  • Camp facilities
  • Kitchen & Mess units
  • Weapon storage units
  • Ballistic Containers

Due to its flexibility and portability factors, modified units can be moved as general shipping containers anywhere in the world. Our manufactured products are currently being used in UAE, Africa (Mozambique, Libya, South Sudan).